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TATTOO-APPOINTMENTS at ANTI have always been agreed upon and scheduled in advance;
but now it is going to be same for ALL OTHER VISITS at ANTI :
From now on, we will welcome You at ANTI only on appointment. For all kinds of visits an appointment is now necessary. This is the way we can keep up with expectations and exigencies, to welcome You in a calm and focused way to be at your side individually. And in the meantime, we're active for You, in the same ideal conditions for us.

At ANTI it's all about giving You the best of us; with this new OPENING-SYSTEM we continue to guarantee it to You !

* How do You get an appointment at ANTI ? Really easy, no efforts or specifics needed :
Just write us an email with the purpose of Your visit and your availability, we will respond with suggested time-lapses. You chose a convenient time, we will then confirm the appointment and we'll be looking forward to You. That's it.
(No effort, no need to explain why or what You exactly want, no need to send us a design or specify Your wish... we'll do that here, together, personally. It's just about scheduling the appointment and the reason.)

As we are more present at ANTI, we are obviously in the place to be... the door is mainly open. Sure You can come by just offhand, spontaneously, to check it out. But whether we are present and can be available is not guaranteed anymore, the contrary will mostly be the case.

For all those who'd rather come by to check it out first spontaneously :
(we understand it, think it's good and support it !) We're planing different options of “OPEN-ANTIDOOR-DAY”, occasionally, to receive you without any commitment from you. You can come to ANTI, look around our location, check out our works, we'll be there and can introduce ourselves and our activities with pleasure... without an appointment.
(At a personal appointment you will get all this and much more.)

Thank you,
ANTI is looking forward to Your prearranged appointment !

October 2016, Frankfurt/Main