The word “gallery” is often avoided by ANTI, to not awaken typical expectations. ANTI is much more an exhibition area, a place for art, where art is happening or be made publicly available.

At irregular intervals, exhibitions of various artists or artist groups will be held. Mostly shown is art from the field of painting, drawing, focusing on calligraphy, graffiti and the so called street-art or intervention in public space. But ANTI also features fields like photography, sculpture, performance, and more avavilable to the public.

For creatives, collectors and people who like to discover the new, ANTI is a place to be, for action and exchange.

Most of the artworks are available for purchase.
If you are interested, we are happy to inform you in details on the work and artist. It’s important to know that ANTI is not working in the style of a market barker. The visitor can freely enjoy the artworks without any obligation to buy or prior knowledge, just because he just felt like it.

We are pleased when artists introduce themselves to us, show us their work and consider a collaboration. Exhibitions and other projects can be pursued as a start or as the result.

In conjunction with the exhibition a small shop-system offers a fine selection of changing products, such as books, magazines, shirts and accessories.
… rare or exclusive stuff and limited editions are available.

A visit at ANTI is a taste of a tiny little part of the great world of art.

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