You are in good hands with the artists at ANTI.

When it comes to tattoos, you will always deal with the two leaders Kati and Christoph. The two are the creative and executive core of ANTI, creative active together for more than 10 years.

Kati is the tattoo-artist … and creates artwork and designs.
The first steps of Kati in the tattoo world are now over 15 years ago. Creative, artistic and fascinated since her childhood by the theme tattoo, Kati decided very early to be active on that field and to perform the art of tattooing. After she learned the basics in a renowned studio and mastered a solid knowledge in matters of hygiene, she first learned to do piercings.Through the piercing she quickly came to tattooing. She learned and practiced for many years, worked in various tattoo studios and decided to focus on her own tattoo-artist career.
Kati loves the challenge, the variety of different styles and never wanted to commit to a single style.

After years of working together, Kati and Christoph decided to set up and founded ANTI.

Christoph manages ANTI … and is creatively responsable for the artwork and design.
He’s been active in many diverse Art-Projects and an own company for the suppport in art, design and communication on an international level. For now more than 25 years he’s been intensively researching the subjects of “translation from word to image“, the “codes of diverse sub-cultures“ and “solutions for design and realisation“.He got into tattoo quickly, as he was on his search for the most effective form of art for him with the human being.
Specially tailored designs for tattoos and long-time functioning motifs became his absolute passion. His exceptional and eventful history, his stays abroad as a child and his travels were for him the key to cultural diversity, cross-border creativity and specificity in interaction and communication between people. ANTI is led by Christoph with creative business and professional creativity, in a clear line.

All tattoos are piked by Kati, the motifs are designed by Kati or by Christoph, or by both together.
Project-related ANTI has access to a big team, various artists and creatives work in community and develop their skills.

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