ANTI can create your own individual motif on demand. With a “CUSTOM TATTOO” you have the opportunity to get a design created especially for you and therefore have a unique tattoo. We offer various style directions, different possibilities and diverse processes. Always individual.

For larger projects (e.g. complete or half sleeve, upper body, legs,…) this is a great variant. Especially if several individual motifs are to be represented and connected in an overall composition, the “CUSTOM TATTOO” alternative is excellent. For cover-up’s the “CUSTOM TATTOO” is also a pleasant alternative to the standard.

Prerequisite for a “CUSTOM TATTOO” is a personal talk with us, you explain your request in words or by showing us visual examples. We will explain our “rules” and the course of action.

All infos on that matter are given in a personal appointment.

The process, the duration and the financial side will be discussed on and all further details will be cleared out.

– There’s no typical process; each personal project will be handled and planed individually. –


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