Our studio is well equiped for tattoos, creativity and efficient implementation.

For tattoos, ANTI is spatially divided into three areas:

1. the meeting room where the talks and advice on tattoo occur.

2. the tattoo room where the tattoos are piked.

… and “behind the scenes” but presentable:

3. the creative studio, where the motives and creations are developed.

At ANTI, there’s a separated tattoo-area.

You do not get a tattoo in the shop-window… we pike behind closed doors, in a separated tattoo-room. The large tattoo space is not visible from the outside and inside so that your private and intimate sphere is protected, you will feel comfortable and you can engage in “the cause”. In this way Kati can also be best focused and undisturbed concentrate on your tattoo. In the tattoo room, there is no public passing-by, no disturbing, no gaping.

The clean and hygienic proper environment provides a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. You are welcome to bring someone who is allowed to stay in the tattoo room with you. The equipment and materials we use at ANTI are up to date. For colors and all materials, ANTI has selected trustful partners and thus ensures the best quality in the selection of products that are used.

ANTI guarantees an inspiring environment which acts on different ways. Suggestions and ideas bubbling at ANTI from various sources from which you can benefit in many different kinds.

You can convince yourself of ANTI and the tattoo studio during a visit, we even recommend this to anyone to be able to select the studio of your confidence.

ANTI is looking forward to your visit.

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