At the core of ANTI there are Kati and Christoph.

The two makers have been operating for many years with internation experience in the fields of art and tattoo. For now more than 10 years, the two are active together as a team. ANTI is conducted following a clear concept and a constant line, the realization is done with creativity and artistic understanding. Cosmopolitan and culturally unbound, ANTI has no limits. Passion is lived here.

ANTI appreciates your interest.
We attach great importance to friendly interaction and mutual respect. With good advice, clear communication and empathy, we are here for you.

Without any fear, you can address any subject in a conversation. We will handle it in an uncomplicated and pleasant way. Always individually and without pre-assembled process, we cater to each and everyone. Depending on where you already are with your desire and idea, we will pick you up. We are happy if you want to involve us early, in advance or in the development of your project so that we can support you from the beginning.

With creative understanding, we place our creativity and skills at your disposal and look forward to challenges. With the love of details we are ready for your claim. Quality, professionalism and reliability are a matter of course for ANTI.

Project-related ANTI has access to a big team, various artists and creatives work in community and develop their skills. The ANTI team has a common goal with you: to combine a successful result with a good time spent together.

ANTI is certainly not a typical tattoo-studio and certainly does not meet any typical clichés.

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